The long yellow road


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Federico and Mirko, two young palermitains, decide to travel from Portella delle Ginestre riding their mules, Giovanni and Paola, with the objective to reach the Quirinale and bring their message of ecology and social justice.
A trip of over 1.200 km, in which the two protagonists meet shepherds, farmers, fishermen and many common people. In the search of their identity, of the contact with a rural world that seems now disappeared, but above all looking for discovering so many people that testify the vitality of a territory, the Southern Italy, disheartened by crime and by the blindness of progress, incapable to assimilate the traditions and the human values.


Directed by: ,
Interpreters: Mirko Adamo, Federico Price Bruno
Cinematography: Christian Carmosino, Antonio Oliviero
Edited by: Paolo Petrucci, Guendalina Flamini
Original music: Piccola Orchestra Malarazza
Production: CPA - Centro Produzione Audiovisivi Roma Tre, Christian Carmosino, Antonio Oliviero, Sara Petrozzi, PDB - Produzioni dal Basso
Language: Italian
Running time: 79 minutes

Film festivals

- Prize Ambiente e società - Cinemambiente 2016 Italy
- Doc/it Professional Award 2017 Rome
- International Film Festival Human Rights Buenos Aires 2017
- BRNO, Rep. Ceca Ekofilm 2016
- Napoli Astradoc Festival 2017
- Clorofilla Film festival 2016 - Italy