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The All Reds Rugby Rome, within the former occupied cinodrome a popular sports team based on self-management creates an inclusive political project.

In the former cinodrome of the occupied capital (Today LOA ACROBAX) was born the team All Reds Rugby Rome with a female formation, male and for two years with a youth project, which promotes popular sport as a time of aggregation based on anti-fascism, anti-racism and anti-sexism. They were born in 2005 when they decided to reclaim the old abandoned dog track, making it a field where you can now practice sport, freely and free of charge.

The sports club All Reds Rugby Roma is a non-profit organization, decisions and organization are shared by all athletes who participate in the active life of the association. The practice of sport does not require the payment of a monthly fee but the active participation in the management and self-financing, in this space are found new forms of aggregation, living, organizing, transforming and reinventing spaces and uses.


Directed by:
Editing: Leonardo Botta
Original Soundtrack: Andre David
Cinematography: Giovanni Archetti
Language: Italian
Running time: 61 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Overtime Festival: Premio Sport per tutti
- London Labour Film Festival: menzione onoraria
- Cosmopolis 2G Film Award: menzione onoraria
- Movie Activism
- Matera Sport Film Festival
- FICiP Argentina Festival Internacional de Cine Político
- Urban Audiovisual Festival – UAF