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Who are you? In an attempt to give an answer to this question, Ribka Sibhatu, Italian writer and essayist of Eritrean origin, presents the history of her homeland in her current city, Rome.
In her imaginary trip backwards through her memories, she is accompanied by a young Italian man, who shares her same interest in exploring the relationship between identity and territory.
Ribka’s own personal story intersects powerfully with the stories of the Eritrean diaspora, which not only does it show the fault traces that colonialism has left behind in her country, but also demonstrates how the perception of immigration in Italy has been profoundly influenced by an apparent failure in the process of decolonization in Italian collective memory.
Aulò brings into question the concept of confine, not only in geographical, but also in cultural and identitarian terms.


Directed by: , ,
Subject: Ribka Sibhatu, Simone Brioni
Editing: Ermanno Guida
Cinematography: Graziano Chiscuzzu, Ermanno Guida, Edoardo Rebecchi
Soundtrack: Edoardo Chiaf, Gabriele Mitelli
Production: REDigital
Language: Italian, english
Running time: 47 minutes
File resolution:


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Film festivals

- Official Selection Docucity. Documentare la città, Milano, 2013.
- Official Selection A Film for Peace. Medea Film Festival, Medea (GO), 2013.